New Datavant press release on its health data connectivity tools suitable under GDPR framework 🚀

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Zero guesswork. Zero delays.


NHS integrated products, 7x cheaper.

Build amazing products and services without needing teams of people to build and then manage several individual NHS connections. Just plug and play into our fully scalable and reliable service.

Time Efficient

One interface. One API, not many.

Convenet's single API is 26x quicker than clubbing multiple NHS APIs from different sources together yourself. We already have all the integrations you'd need in one place and are live with 100% of GP surgeries in England. Have the product you want live in weeks, not years.


We're all things JSON, with all the support.

We’ve made it super-simple to integrate our API into your product or service. There's no mishmash of SOAP, HTML or XML to contend with and no guesswork. Just nice, fully supported RESTful JSON.


Choose one or all three integrations

  • IM1 Pairing Integration

    Get instant, real-time access to the full Electronic Health Record. Allow users to order repeat prescriptions directly with their GP and book, change or cancel appointments at their practice. IM1 is part of GP IT Futures, previously known as GPSoC.

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  • Personal Demographics Service

    Verify users of your product or service using the PDS, which queries data against the national NHS database. Traditionally, a direct PDS connection would mean requiring your own expensive dedicated HSCN/N3 line. Using Convenet's API, this is not required. Just instant verification against the NHS record.

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  • Consultation API new

    Write a consultation summary back to a patient's GP for adding to the medical record. The details are sent directly inside the GP clinical system for review.


Product roadmap update – you can now use Datavant’s leading Tokenisation Services via the Convenet API. Try it out for free today


The world’s first NHS-approved API

Audited & Secured
Audited & Secured

We use HTTPS and OAuth 2.0 authorisation framework.

99.9% Uptime
99.9% Uptime

We’ll guarantee a stable 99.99% API uptime with every plan.

Real-time Data
Real-time Data

Get data in real-time, instant data queries, without any lag.

Full Support
Full Support

Always on-hand every step of the way, from build and into live.

No Team Required
No Team Required

One modern API. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

No Lead Times
No Lead Times

Get instant access to our sandbox environment today.

Ready to get started?

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Use Cases

A few ways in which Convenet have helped

Take a look at how Convenet has helped businesses transform their products and services by using rich data.

Prescription refills healthcare
Prescription refills

An online pharmacy approached us wanting to integrate with our IM1 connection to allow prescription requests to be sent directly to the patient's GP. The integration took them six weeks and they are now also able to provide patients with updates when their GP has issued a prescription for them.

Medical record access healthcare
Medical record access

We worked with a company wanting to provide users with real-time access to blood test results from their medical record. It took only four weeks from their initial engagement with us to going live with their service, which now covers 100% of all GP practices in England.

Verifying users healthcare
Verifying users

We worked with a pharmacy that wanted a way of checking patients were nominated to their pharmacy after placing a an order for a prescription. They connected into our PDS integration and were able to seemless check nominations without requiring their own dedicated HSCN line.

Appointment booking healthcare
Appointment booking

A start-up business building a platform around heart health wanted to allow users to book appointments with their GP if blood pressure readings they took were consistently too high. Six weeks later they were live with Convenet and offering the service to patients.


For peace of mind

  • im1
    IM1 Pairing Integration


    Exc. VAT an billed quarterly
    • Access to Electronic Health Record
    • Direct to GP prescription ordering
    • Book or cancel GP appointments
    • Review of assurance documentation
    • 250,000 API calls included per month
  • pds
    Personal Demographics Service


    Exc. VAT an billed quarterly
    • Instant user verification
    • Linked to NHS patient database
    • No HSCN line required
    • Review of assurance documentation
    • 250,000 API calls included per month
  • pds+
    PDS+ Consultation API


    Exc. VAT an billed quarterly
    • As per PDS service
    • Access to the Consultation API
    • Write back directly to the GP system
    • Review of assurance documentation
    • 250,000 API calls included per month

A one-off service cost of £5,000 exc. VAT is required with all new orders.

All packages include support agreement and maintenance.

Bolt-ons - only pay for what you use…

API calls* Additional Effective cost
250,000 – 750,000 £1,000 £0.002
750,000 – 2,000,000 £1,000 £0.0008
2,000,000+ Custom

*additional monthly API calls

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